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Photography Posted on Fri, June 22, 2012 13:43:49

Before and after for my reflector that I got for my birthday! See final image here.

Visiting nature

Photography Posted on Mon, April 09, 2012 17:59:46

This easter I went to my countryhouse that´s located on a hill, surrounded by forest but with ocean-view. When we came the sun was shining, when we went back to the city the ground was white from snow.

Happy Easter!

Photography Posted on Fri, April 06, 2012 23:51:47

Last tuesday I collaborated with Lisa Marie Andersson to shoot her new spring collection for Up The Wooden Hills. We had a wonderful model, Elin, who was relaxed in front of the camera and easy to work with. The pictures are for the lookbook, and later this spring we will get outside to shoot some mood-pictures, wich will be awesome!

I think that one of the most important things when working with a model (professional or not) is to make him/her feel relaxed. If you´re a team, it´s important that everyone feels on the same level. When we shot this, me and Lisa Marie constantly told Elin that she looked awesome (wich she totally did!) and Lisa Marie even clapped her hands when Elin crossed her feet 😀 I just think it´s of great value to have a great time and never forget to encourage each other!

Remember the waves

Photography Posted on Mon, April 02, 2012 00:45:17

This is from last weekend, the same place were I shot this.

If you are lost,
remember- you have merely
taken a detour on the way
to your destination.


Photography Posted on Fri, March 30, 2012 11:48:50

My newest picture, shot on Bali when I was there with my boyfriend (who´s the model) earlier this year.

I´m a person that loves to dream and I often dream about places far away, or a house near the ocean. Because of my longing, I´ve found myself living in both Norway and Denmark, both working and studying. In 2010 I was in Stockholm (the capital city of Sweden) for half a year, doing an internship at a small filmfestival. This year I travelled to Bali. Everytime I get away from Gothenburg (my hometown where I live now) I realise that the most important thing isn´t the place, but the dream. The important thing isn´t were you live, but what you do. At least to me. Wherever I am I want to be creative and take new pictures. I feel it wherever I am. But I tend to forget this, and believe that all my dreams will come true somewhere else. I think it´s important to realise that the dream can come true everywhere, if you carry your passion with you. You can always do something each day to come a step closer to fullfilling your dream.

In a home

Photography Posted on Wed, March 28, 2012 09:58:48

Today I´m going to meet my friend Lisa Marie, who is the owner of the swedish brand Up the Wooden Hills. We´re going to discuss our next shoot. I´m going to shoot her new springcollection. Lisa Marie has a lovely home wich is very creative. The pictures are from last year when we had coffee at her place.


Photography Posted on Tue, March 27, 2012 23:52:10

Today I met with my mother. We had a cup of coffee in the warm sun that has now arrived in Sweden! As usual, we talked about life and how to deal with everything. I feel so fortunate to have my mother as one of my best friends!

I shot this by the sea when I was away with my boyfriend last weekend. It was a beautiful sunset and I wanted to take a picture of my lovely dress that I recently found at a secondhand-store!

When I started to edit this picture I wanted the painterly feeling that amazing artist Brooke Shaden always uses in her work. If you haven´t seen her work yet, you better head over to her homepage!

Fairytale and new props

Photography Posted on Thu, March 22, 2012 17:33:14

Today I´ve been shopping some props for my picture that I´m taking tomorrow. One of the things I needed was cotton to create clouds. This time I think my clouds will look a little different than they usually do in my pictures ^_^

I also went looking for a fairytale-dress. I want something white and a bit fluffy. This was only one of the dresses I tried on. I didn´t buy any. Tomorrow I´m going to use an old dress that will be good enough for the camera.

In Gothenburg we have a warm weather today. But tomorrow I´m hoping for fog in the morning! I´m going to a new location that I´ve found to take my picture.

Hope you´re all feeling well!

Love from Beata

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