Today I tried to work more effectively than I´m used to. I´m not very good at doing much work in a short time, because I tend to do other stuff in between (checking facebook, mail, flickr and so on!). Usually I feel that I´ve been working for a longer time than I actually have, because I don´t really notice when I´m suddenly not working anymore, and instead checking my instagram. I have a goal to be more strict with the work that I´m doing. I want to set up a schedule and decide when I can work during the day, and when I have time off. The thing with working with your passion is that you always want to work, because you love what you do and you want everything to be as good and perfect as it can be. But sometimes less is more, and that´s a fact even in the creative business! Taking a break is very important. You should take breaks often, at least if you´re working in front of the computer. Breaks can mean that you get more done. Not working too much one day will make you work just as good the other day. It´s all about balance!

My mother is the most amazing person who always have such good advice for me. She has told me to listen to myself. She has made me realize that no success in the whole world is worth it if you´re not feeling well. That´s something that I always carry with me. The importance of feeling happy. To feel content with yourself. I do this for me. I do what I believe will make me happy, and for that I am willing to fight. But if my goal to be good at what I do would turn into a goal of becoming a success and getting other peoples recognition, then I would have to look out for myself so I don´t loose myself in the struggle. Remember that it´s not worth the stress if the stress makes you sick.

This is why I need to make a schedule for myself. I need balance. I need to work more effectively when I´m working, and I also need to plan for my time off, so that I can feel absolutely relaxed some time during the day.

And my mother says: You have to last for a long time. If you stress too much in the beginning, then you won´t last the whole way.