From last weekend when I was out on a walk in the forest. To be in nature fills me with so much energy and makes me feel calm and less stressful.

I just realized that I´m not very good at having several things going on at the same time. In fact, I´m terribly bad at having many things to do! My last month has been very busy. As you may know, I was suddenly accepted at the university to study photography for three years. This hit me by surprise, and it made me slow down everything else that I had going on at the moment. I had to fix the urging things such as student loans, registration, cancelling my other plans (no time for the astronomy course that I had already begun, unfortunately!), working on my job, going to lessons and complete my assignments for school. Today I realized that I´ve actually forgotten about some emails that I´ve received during this period. I´ve had people send me an email asking if it´s okay that they do an interview with me. This is one of the things that I´m extremely flattered by. To think that a person found my work online, finds it interesting and then takes the time to sit down and write me some questions, that just feels amazing! And that´s why it feels terrible to realize that you actually forgot to answer some of these questions. I don´t know when it happened, but somewhere along the never ending list of things to do, some of these mails just fell off that list.

Me with morning coffee, a moment that I always enjoy very much and a moment that makes me happy!

I want to be someone who answers and says thank you when someone gives me a compliment for my work. I want to be someone who shows her gratitude towards the person who takes her time to sit down and write to me. I want people to feel like they are welcome with their questions and views, and I want to be the one who answers them. I think it´s important that the people who follow your work feels a connection with you. I know myself how disappointed I´ve been when I´ve contacted a person whose work I really like, and he or she doesn´t answer me. Nowadays, I´m more experienced and I know that it´s probably just lack of time, but I don´t want that to be an excuse. I never want to seem ignorant or too busy with my own to answer. The problem is that I actually am too busy to answer sometimes. So I try to keep everything on a list, from meeting a friend to answering a short comment in my mail. I know that if I don´t write things down, I will forget them. And that´s not because I don´t think they´re important to keep in mind, it´s just because I can´t keep too much in my mind. It´s the same with answering a text message on the phone, either I have to do it immediately, or I will have to write it down so that I won´t forget it. Sometimes it´s just too much going on!

Writing a blog post in the wonderful house that belongs to my boyfriends parents.

The people who follow my work and are interested in what I do are the most important to me. I can´t even begin to tell you how incredible grateful I am for all of your support, always! And it´s important to me to give something back, to make my gratitude show. There are many things in life that takes time from you that you´d rather spend on something more valuable. To me I would love to spend more time connecting with all the people out there and keeping a never ending dialogue about photography and art.

For now, it´s impossible to be available as much as I would like, but I do think that I can change my strategy now that I´m aware of my unability to tackle too much at the same time. I think that I will try to split things up more, and to make sure I eliminate everything that isn´t important to me, so that I can take more time for what´s really important. I still haven´t got the best strategy when it comes to answering my emails, but I´m working on it. For everything that you learn about yourself, you can improve and make things easier. When you run your own business it´s so valuable to know yourself well, because then you can structure things in a way that fits you the best!