I don´t see myself as a religious person, but I certainly believe in the universe. I believe in imagination, I believe in the power of hopes and dreams, I believe in our ability to create a better world together. That´s what I think about when I think about universe. Our universe is magical to me, because it contains so much that we will never know about. It contains so many possible realities, so many different worlds. That´s why I love to turn my eyes upwards on a winters night, to see the never-ending possibilities of life in the glowing stars. Sometimes, I take a blanket and lay down in the snow to watch the amazing night sky. If it wasn´t for the cold, I could lay down for the whole night, hoping for the stars to fall, planning for my wishes, imagination what it would be like to escape gravity, break free from earth and just fall endlessly out into space.


What we love depends on how we relate to different things and what we put into those things. I love the universe because, in my world, it´s filled with so much magic and hope. The universe represents the holistic perspective that I miss so many times in our world. In a world where people start wars, bully each other and grow hate that passes from generation to generation, to think about the universe for me is to think about a parallell world where everyone is loved and no one feels the need to grow thick skin in order to survive in a world full of economical crisis and bitter people. I also have a part of me that relies on the universe. Sometimes when things go wrong in my life, when the sparkling doors are shut right in front of my nose, and I can´t seem to find any way to go on with my life, I tend to let my mind sail away into the universe and I try to remind myself that there are many other roads to walk on, that the universe is so big, and so is life. Maybe we´re not always aware of what we could really achieve, if we just had the courage to jump out of our comfort zone for a little while. I´m not trying to say that something else controls our lives, because I believe that we have the control of our lives, but it can be a comforting thought sometimes to remind yourself of how extremely big this world and the whole universe is. If there is another planet out there with some cool space people on it, I can promise you that they don´t care about your latest failure. Life is so much bigger than your career or your social status. Life is life and it´s filled with so much magic! This is why I create pictures with stars in them. To me, these pictures are my tiny little revolution in a world where the human values are so easily forgotten. Keep dreaming!

“Far away”

“Self portrait”

“Longing for stars”

“Own atmosphere”

“Somewhere else”