Hi guys! I just wanted to do a quick update on the blog. I´m back in Jönköping to attend school for one week. The last weeks I have been working on a portfolio, which I´m finished with now. I´ve worked on a new series for my portfolio, which I write about here. On wednesday we are going to show our portfolio for some photographers “in the business” and hopefully get some constructive criticism. I think this will be a good way to practice meeting new people and telling them about your photography. I always find it hard to talk to people about what I´m doing. When they ask, I try to explain it, but it often sounds a bit confusing. So a chance to practice that skill is very welcome!

To get new pictures for my portfolio, I spent one weekend in my house at the country with my mother. I shot many concepts, two which included this pink tutu! Unfortunately, it was freezing outside.

Prints for my portfolio, shot with iPhone.

After this week, I´m off to a new project with my dear friend Victoria. We are going to shoot together for a couple of days and I am super excited about it! Today we planned everything for the trip, including what props we should take with us, which costumes we should bring and what concepts we want to shoot. We are going to pack a car full of everything we need and just drive away to awesome locations. Victoria is such a talented photographer and it will be a pleasure to work with her!

Victoria from last year, on the bus with her camera ready!

Victoria shot this of me today with my iPhone in school when I´m holding up my portfolio 🙂