Since last year, I´ve been working on a series that I call “Finding Peace”. The series is about integrity, and about the importance of finding your own place in this world. To symbolize this I use a big bubble. In November, my class exhibited at the Stockholm Photo Fair, and for this I wanted to create a new bubble-picture. Here´s a short resume of the making of that photograph!

I went to my families house in the country, where there are great fields to shoot in. I got up around 7.30 the next day, before the sunrise. I took my bubble, my tripod, camera and a thick jacket, and walked to the field below the house. Before I put the camera on the tripod, I looked for the best spot to take the photograph. It is a great idea to walk around with your camera before you put it on your tripod, so that you can take test-shots without being bound to wherever you´ve set up your tripod. Once you know exactly where you want to shoot, you can adjust your tripod after that. Never adjust your image after how you set up the tripod!

I took some test-shots with me and the bubble.

The fogging inside the bubble was the result of a very cold morning, and I left the bubble standing outside while I set up everything, so it would look like that. I thought it was perfect for this image. Ooh… and that´s me aiming for the camera with my remote 🙂

After I was done with shooting myself wearing the bubble, I shot the environment so I would be able to extend the frame and make it bigger and turn it into a square format.

I took several shots of the sky, which looked different in every direction I looked. This is the shot that I used to replace the original sky in the finished photograph.

This is a screenshot of what the photo looked like when I had worked with it for a while. Here you see that I´m extending the whole canvas by mending together photographs from the environment. The cold, blue tones were there from the beginning. I´ve also replaced the sky with another shot.

Detailed screenshot. I later replaced the lower part of the dress with another shot of the dress that I thought had a better movement.

On this screenshot you can see that I have replaced the sky, and created a new horizon. I´ve also started to work with the colors. I knew that I wanted everything to be more dramatic than it was from the start.

Here I´ve achieved the colors that I wanted, but the sky is still the same.

Here I´ve replaced the sky again, and this time it felt right. But as you can see, the horizon isn´t as dark as in the other screenshots above.

Here is the final result, with perfect sky and horizon!

I hope you found this interesting!